What Women Should Wear For Horseback Riding

AUTHOR: Bob B Taylor | 18.03.10

It’s not unlikely that a popular tropical destination offers trail rides on horseback. There’s something about enjoying the surroundings while riding a horse that makes the most out of tourists’ experience. So if horseback riding is part of your itineraries on your upcoming tropical vacation, read on. Knowing what to wear is important, if you wish for the experience to be memorable in a pleasing way.

Steer clear of using loose clothing and fashion accessories. When riding too close to trees, they might get caught on the branches. Imagine what disaster a chandelier earring poses should it come too close to a tree branch! You can save looking all too stylish during the other parts of your vacation.

There are also things you might want to consider when it comes to what lower garments to wear. Skip wearing shorts. Your legs might get scratched when you ride too close to shrubs. A pair of jean skinny or workout pants should be great. Wearing pants that are too loose or with bulky inseams can spell disaster to your inner thighs.

Skip wearing flip flops and open-toed sandals, and most especially shoes with very high heels. Now is the best time to wear women’s brown boots, with heels that are about an inch long. Why wear something with heels? They will prevent your feet from sliding through the stirrups, if ever they’re provided. It’s for the same reason why cowboy boots got heels.

A cowboy hat will definitely complete your horseback riding look. However, it’s going to do nothing for your safety. That is why it’s best to wear a helmet instead. It doesn’t have to be that which is worn by equestrians. Any kind of protective helmet is fine. Simply trade your helmet with a cowboy hat during photo ops.

To protect yourself from harmful UV rays of the sun, apply sun block at least 20 minutes before the ride. Dermatologists recommend for you to use one with an SPF rating of 15 or higher. Wearing long sleeved shirts is not enough, as UV rays can penetrate the fabric. For your face, you can apply BB cream with sun protection. Of course wear dark sunglasses to protect your eyes from both dust and glare.

It pays to be prepared for your tropical getaway. Now you got an idea on what to include in your luggage. You can maximize your horseback riding enjoyment when you know what to wear for comfort and safety.

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